SJ Crimson specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of wooden pallets and skids. We use only the highest quality hardwood and softwoods in the construction of our products while maintaining competitive pricing due to our close proximity to lumber supply and vast network of suppliers. Our pallets can be made to any size to meet your specific needs including non-standard and hard-to-find sizes and can be either 4-way entry or 2-way entry for easy maneuverability in warehouse settings.


Industrial Cut Stock

Hardwoods or Softwoods in a variety of species are ready and waiting to be cut to our customers specific dimensions and specifications. SJ Crimson will consider your unique shipping requirements or application and provide you with the perfect solution to your lumber needs.



Oversized, irregular products pose a unique challenge in regards to shipping. SJ Crimson can help you overcome this challenge through custom designed wooden crates and boxes that will provide durable, safe transport of your products. All of our crates and boxes meet or exceed the domestic and international standards for shipping. Heat treating available.


Specialty Wood Products

From Heat Treated, Kiln Dried products to uniquely designed manufactured wood products, SJ Crimson, will work with you to produce the perfect product to meet your needs.